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Trigger Scan - Des données techniques

Trigger Scan - Des méthodes de mesure (pdf)

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Le système Trigger Scan est livrable immédiatement applicable aussi avec un mode d'emploi français!



Trigger Scan System


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Welcome at the homepage of Manthei Mess Systeme.

We are the European importer for the TriggerScan System and would like to give you informationen about TriggerScan and our other products.

Trigger evaluation with TriggerScan is an industrial and law enforcement standard. On this homepage you will find information about the system, its use and technical data as well as a demo version of the software and other files of interest.

CartWinPro is a software for the quick and professional identification of cartridges and calibres. It is designed for the use by police/forensic experts, military specialist, government facilities, firearms and ammunition experts, museums or other institutions. The database contains a huge number of calibre measurements, color code, headstamp and complete cartridge records. New records for all four databases can be entered by the user. Here is more information about CartWinPro, you can see an animated presentation or download it as unanimated .pdf-file.

For the quick and accurate measurement of chambers, forcing cones, land and groove diameter and similar we offer the Chamber Cast System. The system produces a hard cast of the chamber or other openings with out shrinking. Is uses a material that melts at very low temperatures (below 50° C) without smell and is not harming the firearm. The material can be recycled over an over.

The Proof and Testing fixture will hold rifles of any kind safely and without damaging the firearm. This patented system needs no special adapters. It is holding rifles from exibition grade shotguns to the big .50 BMG rifles without harming the surface. It can even be used with rifles in the full automatic mode and fires them for the safety of the operator via a remote trigger actuator. A similar fixture is available for pistols as well (information coming soon).

We can also offer a individual counselling on the use and the possibilities of the TriggerScan system for your department or your company.


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Eine voll animierte Funktion der FN High Power!
A complete animation of the FN High Power.
See the cutaway of the FN High Power pistol actually shooting!


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