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On what kind of firearms can I use the Trigger Scan system?


Trigger profiles can be measured on almost any types of firearms. The system rests with a fixed arm against the front of the trigger guard and activates the trigger with a moving sensor arm. We have tested everything from a .22 lr rifle and pistol to a big .50 BMG single shot rifle.

We used the additional rifle adapterfor this big rifle.

The only gun where you might have to improvise a little is a firearm without a trigger guard (i.e. Derringer) or with moving trigger guards. On those guns you would have to find an alternative way to fix the instrument during the test cycle. If you plan to measure lock time, make sure that the striker sensor, which has a diameter of 0.25”, will be aligned with the barrel’s center line. The striker sensor will not fit a .22 cal. bore so you can not test lock time on the M16 with this particular sensor.

Striker sensors for .223 and .243 Win. calibers are available seperately.


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